My Story

I, Cameron Schubert, am a cello-bearing bard; a songcrafter; a melodician hailing from the small mountain town of Ojai. I compose vocally driven Neo-Celtic Folk Music accompanied by an assortment of cellos, mandolins, violins and other odds and ends. I have also scored two short films, and am a dedicated cello teacher.

You can usually find me running barefoot in the foothills, serenading the Sunday market downtown, performing at an event, or (most often) scouring my library of ancient tomes (the internet) in my arcane sanctum (loft) to further my craft. To my joy, I have been teaching and performing as my sole profession for the past 3 years.

My life is enriched by the challenges of fatherhood, and by my dedication to a local ecstatic dance which I attend every week. I have a love for the occult, and the Tarot is a very close companion of mine. My inner journey is the wellspring from which my music and the rest of my life pours forth; everything I do is rooted from that inner world, which permeates all of my creations.

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