SO! today I went to go print out posters for my show at Greater Goods on Aug 3, 7pm. It turns out the cashier had an orange shirt on with an octopus on it, just like my poster! I ran into this fellow musician, Ed (who looked like a blonde version of me), who joined in our debate as to whether or not it was a Kraken or an Octopus on said shirt.

I went to Farmer and the Cook to hang up a poster, and I ran into Ed again! He offered to take some of my posters and hang them up at a record shop and guitar center. What a kind soul. We musicians look out for each other.

Next was a poster at Noso Vita, and I saw a guy with a blue shirt and an octopus on it. Now is my subconscious mind just now noticing all the octopuses around me I was hitherto unaware of? What other explanations could there be?

Anyways. This show will be a bunch of new amazingness. It’s my first headline show, Malek’s first show in years, and Elisa Rose will be whipping out an acoustic set instead of her electronic stuff.

See you on the flip side.


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