Cameron Schubert

Cellist, Educator, & Composer

Hello & welcome

I am a cellist, teacher and singer-songwriter/composer based in the Ventura County area, Southern California. I specialize in Baroque and Celtic music, and have a deep passion for both teaching and writing music. Take a look around to learn more about what I’m about.

About me

I have been studying music over 15 years, and have been playing cello for 12 years. I am currently a music instructor for the New West Symphony, and have been performing and teaching professionally for the last 4 years.

My Music

Here you can find youtube videos of originals and folk music, as well as my scores for short films.

My philosophy

As a professional cellist who plays both classical and folk music, I believe in building a strong classical foundation upon which to support each student’s unique passions. Maintaining a good relationship with the instrument by balancing both hard work and inspired playing is essential. The end goal of my work is to help the student overcome each technical limitation to greater self expression through their instrument.

Playing together is a key part of my instruction, for both enjoyability and ensemble awareness. In my instruction, I seek to provide resources for the resourceful, and help to grow resourcefulness where it is lacking. The faster the student learns keen self observation and acute listening, the faster they will improve. Musical problem solving is the never-ending task of the musician, and the path to excellence.

What I can do for you

Eric and Theresa

Cameron was a lucky strike for our daughter. His patience, trustworthiness and communication style are almost as incredible as his musical expertise. In the short time she has been lucky enough to learn from Cameron, her skills have seen a meteoric rise, and her enjoyment the same. We found Cameron just as she was frustrated enough with her then public school instructor that she wanted to quit the Cello entirely. Cameron’s masterful delivery and genuine care have taken my daughter’s feelings for the instrument from ambivalence or even disdain, to a love for the art.

Jean-Pierre - Parent

Cameron is a very thoughtful and intuitive teacher. He is passionate about the cello and music in general, which he generously shares with his students. He has the ability to connect and work with a variety of students. He molds his lessons to the particular needs of the individual student he is working with. We are lucky to have him as a teacher.

Connie - Student

Cameron Schubert, as cello instructor, has an uncanny way of knowing the path I’d most like to take as a student of cello. He also has a most pleasant and inviting way of revealing this path to me as well as an excellent means of progressing on it. I believe he is the most knowledgeable instructor of a musical instrument that I have had.

Sandra - Student

Cameron is an exceptional, talented and gifted musician…He’s also a excellent teacher who’s very positive and caring. Anyone who has the pleasure to be his student will be greatly rewarded! I would highly recommend him.

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My Resumé


2015 – 2017

Associates of the Arts: Music

With a focus on Cello Performance


Private Instruction in Historical Classical and Baroque Pedagogy

Currently under private instruction from Derek Remes, who is attempting to reconstruct J.S. Bach’s pedagogy using historical sources.


2017 – Present

New West Symphony

  • Music Instructor for the New West Symphony’s  Laby Harmony Project, based in Ventura.
  • I teach 2 cello sectional classes, 2 ensemble classes, the kindergarten pre-orchestra class, private bass lessons, and private cello lessons.

2018 – Present

Heritage Home Conservatory

  • Cello, Piano, Guitar and Mandolin teacher
  • Private, in-home or online lessons

Thanks for stopping by…

I hope you enjoyed taking that short ‘scroll’ with me. If you’re interested in taking lessons with me, or hiring me for your upcoming wedding, please either fill out the contact form, or send me an email directly at CameronSchubertMusic (at) Gmail (dot) com. I look forward to hearing from you!